The MechaniCon GT 2018

Thank you for helping us get to our 10th year of hosting The MechaniCon Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament! As an independent event, we could not be here without the help of our friends, sponsors and attendees. You all have helped make this happen!

This seasons’ format will mirror the new GT rules being run at Warhammer World with 5 rounds of battle.

Heat 1 – Fall In! 2017, Congratulations Sam Lucidi, Keith Rinaldi, Caitlyn Ditzler and Ted Nagel – you all have qualified for the finals!

Heat 2 – Cold Wars, sign up now! The top 4 players will qualify for the finals.

Finals – Historicon, information available in April for the July convention. Qualified players will get their player fee waived.

The Basics:

Saturday and Sunday, March 17-18

2,000 points, Fully Painted, Battle Forged armies with up to 3 detachments

Beautiful, themed game tables

32 players, Four 2-1/2 hour rounds

$20 entry fee. After Registering for Cold Wars, then email TO to confirm your slot.

Download our rules pack here:


Links to the Official FAQ’s:


Games Workshop’s Grand Tournaments 2018

Hop over to the Warhammer World site to see the direction of this year’s official events offered by Games Workshop:

Warhammer World’s Grand Tournament page

On the web

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Email the TO: Tony Spino (gaminggarage AT gmail DOT com)


Our event has some of the most spectacular terrain and player rewards of all miniature gaming events thanks to all the wonderful help and donations we receive. Please email us at the address above to coordinate your help and donations can also be made directly here:

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Registered Players (paid event fee in black)

  1. Ted Nagel
  2. John Albertson