Grim Dark Skirmish 2017

Grim Dark Skirmish Tournament at Fall In! 2017

Saturday, November 4

9 AM to 9 PM

Players 20

Join the Mech Boyz for skirmish battles in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

We will have multiple tables set up for Necromunda (if is released by this weekend), Shadow War Armageddon and Kill Team. Come join the action all day an night with your own fully painted models. Players will be rewarded for game participation and strategic prowess (this means we will have prizes all day long). Play one round, stay all day, take a break for the vending and flea markets – it is a very casual event and you can participate however it fits your convention weekend!

After Registering for Fall In!, then email TO to confirm your slot.

No event fee!

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Our event has some of the most spectacular terrain and player rewards of all miniature gaming events thanks to all the wonderful help and donations we receive. Please email us at the address above to coordinate your help and donations can also be made directly here:

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