Register for Cold Wars

The registration process starts at the HMGS Cold Wars site. Online Registration ends on February 16 and the prices listed below are based on Online Pre-Reg.

We recommend that you start by becoming a Member ($25 a year) of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, Inc. (HMGS) and getting a Pre-Reg discounted ticket for the weekend ($25 for members). Becoming a member gives you many benefits including member discounts for other conventions (like Historicon 7/12-15, 2018 and Fall In! 11/9-11, 2018) and access to renting a flea market table at Wally’s Basement. The total price for this route is $50 for a one year membership and a weekend badge for Cold Wars – a nice deal if you will attend at least one other HMGS event.

Another choice is currently a Pre-Reg discount ticket for non-members priced at $50. You get less paperwork as well as less perks.

If you still have questions then drop us a line over on our Facebook page for the quickest response.

Our club and friends are offering three events that you are able to sign up for through the registration process – note that each person can only reserve a limited amount of events online, others must be signed up for at the convention if it did not fill up.

F: 375: 16 Into the Darkness: NECROMUNDA: Underhive: The Vale!!

F: 374: 20 Into the Darkness: WARHAMMER 40K: The Plains of KALDORON

S: 377: 17 Into the Darkness: Star Wars X-wing miniatures game: APOCALYPSE (EPIC)

S: 376: 20 Into the Darkness: SPACE HULK: Into OBLIVION

Please watch our Facebook page for all the latest info.

We are also running three tournaments over the course of the weekend. After you purchase your weekend badge through the Cold Wars site then you must contact the Tournament Organizers listed below to reserve a spot for a tournament! Just drop a line with your Invoice # and we will pop your name up on the Participant List and get in touch about any player fee.

Epic Armageddon – email Kalpesh Doshi at: kalpeshrdoshi AT gmail DOT com

Mech GT – email Tony Spino at: gaminggarage AT gmail DOT com

Necromunda Campaign – email Tony Spino at: gaminggarage AT gmail DOT com

Participant List:

Epic Armageddon – 10 Players

Mech GT – 32 Players

  1. Ted Nagel
  2. John Albertson

Necromunda – 32 Players

  1. Ted Nagel