MechaniCon Events 2018

This is the 10th year of our club running events under The MechaniCon banner. We are organizing weekly gaming, campaigns and leagues, hosting tournaments, attending conventions and more!

The MechaniCon Grand Tournament Series continues at Cold Wars, March 16-18, 2018. Heat 2 of our current season will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the convention.

In addition to the 40K GT run by our club, you will find the Epic Armageddon Tournament, Necromunda Campaign as well as other Events run by our friends that you can register for at the Cold Wars website.

We will be returning to the HMGS conventions Historicon in July and Fall In! in November as well!

To get in some weekly gaming, please join us on Wednesday Evenings at our local gaming store, The Games Keep.

As always, our Facebook page is the first source for news and the quickest way to get in touch. You can also drop an email to Tony at: gaminggarage AT gmail DOT com