The 2015 Agenda and Breaking News

Mark you calendar for the weekend of October 23-25!

Join us as we get back to our roots at the Days Hotel in West Chester, Pennsylvania with our focus on the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament!

As you can see, we are upgrading the website, so please be patient while we complete the new content.

Here is the latest info for this year:

This year we are changing our event from a multi-game convention to focus on the 40K Grand Tournament. The 40K GT will host 50 players on Saturday and Sunday and our club will still run our side events including BFG, Epic, the Friday Night Fight, and open gaming.

Our Facebook page has been renamed – we dropped the date from the title. You can still get a redirect from the old address.

We have an Event listed on Facebook which can be found here:

Our first warm-up event is scheduled for May 23. It will be held at The Games Keep in West Chester, PA.

This will be a 16 player event using the same rules as the upcoming Throne of Skulls – Into the Maelstrom (June 20-21 @ Warhammer World) with the exception of only being a One Day, Three Round event.

There will be a $10 entrance fee. All participants will receive 20% off GW product that day and there will be prizes based on attendance. Mech Staff may play in the event but are not eligible for prizes.

Event Info:
May 23, 2015
Warhammer 40,000
1875 point Armies
3 Rounds
Army Selection – Battle Forged or Unbound
Scenarios – Maelstrom
All rules for 40K including GW, WD, BL, and FW – no Horus Heresy
Official GW and FW FAQs only!
Final release date for rules is May 9th (this includes the new Codex: Imperial Knights and White Dwarf Issue 67)
Fully Painted and based Armies are required

The Games Keep
561 East Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380

Throne of Skulls – Into the Maelstrom pack

GW Errata

FW Downloads

Its a wrap!

MechaniCon 2014 has come and gone. We are very proud of how everything turned out and we could not have done it without all the help we have received.


Our club and volunteers put in a lot of hard work and we appreciate all their assistance.

Thank you Alex, Billy, Chris, Eric, James, Jerome, Jessica, Jim, Judy,  Kal, Lisa, Lorenzo, Mike, Rob, Scott, Tara and Tony for all your generous donations.

Many wonderful sponsors helped get the fantastic prizes for our attendees as well as many behind the scenes offerings.

Thank you, 1-up Collectibles, Aetherstorm Gaming, Brush4Hire, Carney Brothers Automotive, Colonial GT, Fantasy Flight Games, Hotwire Foam Factory, Impact! Miniatures, Kraftmark, Kromlech, Mad Robot Miniatures, Micro Art Studio, Onslaught Miniatures, Outside the Box Games, Pyrkol, Redcap’s Corner, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Showcase Comics and Games, The Games Keep, Underground Lasers, Wargamma, and The WarStore for all your awesome sponsorship.

The Chris Bledsoe Memorial charity fund raiser received many donations which helped benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Thank you Arnold’s Family Fun Center, Cheeburger Cheeburger, Medieval Times, Sky Zone and the Tilted Kilt – all were able to offer assistance in addition to 1-up Collectibles, Aetherstorm Gaming, Impact! Miniatures, Kromlech, Micro Art Studio, Redcap’s Corner, Secret Weapon Miniatures, and Showcase Comics and Games.

Coverage of the events has already begun with hundreds of photos available on our Facebook page.

Results for the MechaniCon Grand Tournament overall standings and player awards are posted and a complete breakdown will be available once we are caught up with other coverage.

Come back soon to see more articles about the convention weekend!